"I have been in the knowledge business for 30 years and I consider Competia to be an oasis in a desert." - Linda, Entertainment Industry, U.S.


What our clients say about us…

  • “I have been in the knowledge business for 30 years and I consider Competia to be an oasis in a desert.”
    Entertainment Industry
    United States
  • “Learnings from your sessions will surely help us in our personal and professional growth. Look forward to meeting you again in the UK and will be in touch.”
    IT Industry
  • “In 2007 I attended your 2-day training on Competitive Intelligence which was one of the best sessions I attended related to research.”
    Government of Alberta
  • “I gained tremendous value – which has been unmatched!”
    Defence Industry
    United States
  • “Difficile de te dire à quel point nous te sommes redevables. Tu nous a énormément aidé à cristalliser notre réflexion. De plus, tu nous a vraiment énergisé, ce qui est le plus important. C’est un don rare que celui que tu possèdes: montrer aux gens le meilleur d’eux-mêmes, ce qu’ils peuvent être.”
    University Executive
  • “Thanks for opening our virtual eyes. I suspected this info was there but there was more than expected.”
  • “Not sure if directors have as much hands-on role in setting new direction/innovative thinking, but definably can influence. Competia and encouraged me to challenge the status quo.”
  • “One of the best speakers and sessions-merci!”
  • “Scary and excellent session – Estelle was a great presenter with a fascinating topic.”
  • “Very unexpected discoveries.”
  • La meilleure présentation du programme, nouveau contenu, très pertinent- The best presentation of the program, new context, very relevant.
  • Excellente pédagogie. Outils pratiques en ligne avec nécessité pour C.A. de devenir plus stratégique – Excellent teacher. Uses practises in line with the necessities of CA to be more strategic.
  • J’aurais pu l’écouter pendant 3 jours sans m’ennuyer. Estelle est très intéressante et elle nous a ouvert les yeux sur toutes les sources d’information disponibles.
  • Very thought provoking, opened up a world of knowledge.
  • A very competent and confident lecturer who used a very participative style which worked well with the group. This lady is the “superwoman” of McGill’s seminar program.
  • The best and most useful of the 12 days!
  • Enjoyed the generic growth staircase to identify divergent activities.
  • Estelle, was one of the best I have ever seen.
  • One of the most impressive teachers I have encountered.
  • Excellent stimulating content that I can actually use.
  • What I liked best: Competitive intelligence methods for data gathering to assist in strategic decisions- not just relating to process and change, but when considering possible acquisition targets.
  • Very well delivered at a speed which led to the content being absorbed. Practical examples were very useful and effective to my learning style.
  • Simply the best.
  • Thank you again for your great Workshop. It was certainly the best one I followed during the conference, due to its content and by your presentation skills.
  • I had the chance to participate to your workshop during the Geneva Lift 10 conference. It was the best workshop I attended and you have showed me a totally new world.
    Consumer Goods
  • Great introduction to thinking differently.
    Board Member
  • Absolutely fabulous.
    Board member
  • Although disconcerting around privacy, this session was cutting edge and affirmed what all Boards need to do in this context.
    Board Member
  • The course was great for inspiration and as an energy boost – but I’m also happy for all the useful material to return to when back.
    Senior Market Analyst
  • Thanks very much for challenging us on our readiness in the area of competitive intelligence. We also appreciate your sharing a number of different options for intelligence gathering, particularly alerting us to the masses of information available. We are confident that we will all benefit considerably from the knowledge we have gained.
    Arch Gleason
    World Lotteries Association
    United States
  • Je tenais à vous remercier pour la qualité de la formation que vous nous avez dispensée et vous dire combien j’ai apprécié ces deux journées. Je pensais connaitre les outils d’intelligence économique mais j’étais loin du compte. Ce milieu évolue vraiment très vite…
    Competitive Intelligence Manager
    Aerospace Industry

TV5 Canada

“She rapidly grasped the challenges, and gave us the means and the research we needed to feed our strategic thinking process.”

Susanne Gouin
TV5 Canada

The three words that would best define Estelle are: competence, competence and competence.

Estelle was able to truly understand the challenges we were facing. She also helped the Board of Directors to think “out of the box” so that we could really develop a 3-year strategic plan to innovate – through breakthrough as well as through cautious, realistic  and attainable steps in new media arena.

Elle a compris rapidement les enjeux. Elle a de plus appuyé le comité de direction à penser “out of the box”  pour que nous puissions véritablement arriver avec une planification stratégique qui soit sur un horizon de 3 ans pour que nous puissions faire des avancées importantes dans notre marché mais aussi des avancées prudentes, réalistes, réalisables, dans le marché des nouveaux médias.

Aeroports de Montreal

“She has a great grasp of competitive dynamics of an industry.”

Jim Cherry
Aeroports de Montreal

She has a great vision. She analyzes and synthesizes the situation very quickly and was terrific at coming up with alternatives.


“She is very quick at finding ideas, options, solutions.”

Colette Pierrot
VP, Strategy

Estelle played a significant role in helping us set-up the Competitive Intelligence process at Desjardins Financial Security ( … ) she accompanied us during the whole process.

McGill University


“… a delight to work with, truly empathetic with her clients and colleagues.”

The first time I saw Estelle presenting her web material to a group of pretty sophisticated managers from around the world, ever single head was stretched forward in utter fascination. That repeated every time since. She is a delight to work with, truly empathetic with her clients and colleagues.

Henry Mintzberg
McGill University