You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.


Our best work is done when companies need to drastically change the way they do business and/or grow aggressively. Our clients choose Competia when they identify a specific need for a pragmatic, independent experienced facilitator that will adapt the approach and methodologies to their own situation.

Here are four examples that illustrate the role we can play:

Facilitate strategic retreats

As a CEO, an executive, or a board chair, it is difficult to manage a strategic retreat and be an active participant. Estelle’s is to facilitate your strategic retreat: identify pertinent strategic issues, prepare the agenda and the tools required and work with your team to set-up, customize and facilitate your discussion.

Guide growth path prioritization

When you need to aggressively grow in new arenas, we can help boards or executive teams identify and prioritize new markets or geographies, develop sharper business models, make use of untapped trends and question the definition of your industry.

Spot strategic blindspots

Competia has developed a systematic approach to enable management teams and boards to examine your company’s strategy and lead discussions around potential “blindspots” – untapped opportunities and overlooked risks. In particular, “Strategic Blindspots Index”© is a systematic method to assess the risk of a strategic blindspot developing, and a way to compare a company’s risk profile with industry peers.

Set-up competitive Intelligence departments

A rapidly increasing number of companies are setting up a Competitive Intelligence function, and the new discipline seems to be fast emerging as one of the hottest trends in management today. CI is a process a company uses to analyze information on its competitors, market and customers and anticipate the future changes in the market.

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