“A competitive intelligence guru who possesses that unique ability to get a few thousand feet above a problem and see the length of it, from fearsome head to tail.”


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Here are some examples of past speaking engagement, contact us to discuss specific keynotes:

Digital World, Analog Company: Leading Digital Transformation

New media and emerging smart technologies are deeply changing the way companies organize, make decisions, retain talent and interact with their customers. Business models are imploding and customers are increasingly savvy and demanding. In these challenging times, traditional companies face the need to make rapid and responsive changes while operating in a world of ambiguity. What strategies are best? 

Weak Signals: Finding Your Canary

In a world where we are inundated by data, it is often difficult to filter the critical information from the noise.  However, if you look closely, weak signals are always detectable, signalling a significant change ahead. When these signals go undetected, or are disregarded, the results can be disastrous. Through striking examples and case studies, this presentation demystifies the methodology and tools that can be used to decipher the signals of the future. 

Competing in the 21st Century:  How to Rethink, Redefine and Revamp Your Business Model

In every industry, new emerging players are rapidly gaining market share (and traditional companies with a long history of proven success are often struggling to figure out how to rapidly evolve and adapt. Part of the answer is having the willingness and ability to question their existing business model, redefine the competitive arena they choose to compete in, and rethink their relationships with customers and strategic partners.

Strategic Blindspots: How to Avoid Them

Even the most sophisticated companies fail sometimes to pick up signals that the environment is about to change. When strategic decisions are largely driven by anecdotes, executive intuition, past experiences, companies run the risk of making decisions based on biased information and wrongly rejecting potential growth avenues and hence limiting opportunities. 

The silver Economy

One of the most fundamental disruptions we can expect in the next 20 years will be the ability for companies and governments to understand and tap into the potential of an aging population. Understanding how to care for, cater to and understand the behavior of extreme age will be key to the growth of many. A largely untapped market, the session reveals new products and services that will emerge and how you can prepare for it.

Board Oversight of Digital Transformation

Following the acceleration of the pace of digital transformation, how does the board exercise its oversight of large capex investment in IT projects? What trends emerge in cybersecurity for 2021? When the board has to step in – or cave in- when overseeing technology choices, including product safety and compliance? Why does social media matter? How to prepare the road for new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain?

Governance in the eye of the social media hurricane

Social media have overtaken traditional means of communication to customers, employees and shareholders, yet few Boards have the tools and processes to allow the ability to respond to emerging crisis, or to tap to the opportunity to build resilience and connect directly to stakeholders. In this energetic session, we will demystify how (PR/ audit committee/boards/internal audit) are increasingly playing a role in that context and how their role is changing

Data and Privacy in a Transparent World

After setting the context of the state of privacy in the data convergence vortex, we review what a world of total transparency means, how companies adapt to data-based business models, how companies need to master data privacy and ethics stewardship.

All speeches and panel participations may be conducted in English or French. Many topics can be customized to your specific industry, or to the participants profiles.