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Going digital: Advanced Search techniques to Obtain Competitive and Market Intelligence

Next cohort: September 15, 2021 - 9am-3pm EST (hybrid attendance)

This course's objective is to provide to analysts, managers and executives who now have to work remotely to master the toolkits that allow them to be more efficient when doing online research. They will learn to identify sources of information that answer their information needs, from research to business development or marketing.

Going Digital: Social Media as a Source of Customer Insight and Competitive Intelligence

2-hour sessions, 3 times per week

Next cohort: April 19-20 and 22 from 10am-12pm. EST (digital attendance)

Is your Organization taking advantage of social media as a source of Competitive Intelligence? In this very practical and very interactive session, participants will discuss and demystify some of the opportunities offered by the social web as a source of Intelligence: How to best leverage social media to obtain information while doing research on companies or individuals? How can one mine the social web to obtain Customer Intelligence? Is it possible to trace and anticipate future competitors’ moves?

Advanced Analysis Techniques in Strategy

from 9am-4pm. EST (in person)

Next cohort: November 2-3, 2021- Montreal, Canada

This course’s objective is to provide to analysts, managers and executives who now have to work remotely to master the key analysis techniques in strategy. At this time when companies are reviewing their strategic plans, it never has been so important to anticipate and understand where one’s industry is heading and capture strategic opportunities to grow. This is why this course will pay a particular attention to foresight and scenario techniques.

Strategic blindspots

Next cohort: October 26-27, 2021  - 9am-4pm EST ( in person attendance-hybrid possible)

Even the most sophisticated companies fail sometimes to pick up signals that the environment is about to change. When strategic decisions are largely driven by anecdotes, executive intuition, past experiences, companies run the risk of making decisions based on biased information and wrongly rejecting potential growth avenues and hence limiting growth opportunities.


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