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Upcoming course

Strategic blindspots

February 22-23, 2021 – CLOSED
Montreal, Canada

April 13-14, 2021 ( hybrid: in presence, limited to 9 participants or digital)
Montreal, Canada

Even the most sophisticated companies fail sometimes to pick up signals that the environment is about to change. When strategic decisions are largely driven by anecdotes, executive intuition, past experiences, companies run the risk of making decisions based on biased information and wrongly rejecting potential growth avenues and hence limiting growth opportunities. The objective of this training session is to introduce to the participants tools and methodologies to identify and prevent strategic blindspots, and unlock future opportunities for growth. The discussion will include the following modules:

  • An introduction to strategic blindspots and a discussion of the key sources of blindspots in companies: in particular: redefining industry boundary, challenging unchallenged assumptions, identifying the real competition ( nontraditional competitors), and removing corporate taboos.
  • A complete strategic blindspot diagnostic for your company or board
  • Toolkit and sources of information to spot weak signals and interpret them before thy become mainstream trends
  • Leveraging weak signals to pivot your business model early and to anticipate future competitors moves
  • Guiding a board or a company design future growth paths, debiasing the decision-making process to avoid groupthink
  • Testing and developing an independent intelligence process for the company ( or the individual corporate director)
  • A brief review, as a conclusion, of how various models in which boards engage in strategy, from supervision to co-creation or support.

The participants should be able to walk out of the training with a basic methodology to probe the strategic intelligence needs at risk, develop a framework to acquire the information needed, supervise a process to lead a growth path analysis and avoid major blindspots during decision making.