A mindset that matters.

Managers & Executives


Whether in marketing, strategic planning, R&D or business development, Competia competitive intelligence training and coaching provides you with valuable career opportunities, and a real differentiator among your peers.

Learn to develop an “intelligence” mindset – the reflexes to seek crucial information, make better, more educated decisions, and inspire your team to implement the process.

Managers and executives value Competia’s integrated approach: while working with management to set-up a Competitive Intelligence Function, Estelle can customize key objectives into your current team training program and works with your CEO and President to anchor your input within the company’s strategic decisions.


Setting Up a Competitive/Strategic Intelligence Process

Strategic Intelligence is a coordinated activity of research, analysis and distribution of information necessary to make strategic decisions.

When strategic plans are driven by anecdotes, executive intuition and past experience, companies run the risk of making decisions based on biased information. There is a structured process available to provide the data, analysis and tools needed to make sound strategic decisions. Estelle can guide you through this process: helping you set-up the competitive intelligence function in your organization, and coaching you through the implementation.

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Developing a Growth Strategy

When you need to aggressively grow in new arenas, Compatia can help identify and prioritize new markets or geographies, develop sharper business models, make use of untapped trends and question the definition of your industry. During this process,  Estelle is the facilitator: bringing tools, frameworks, and a methodology to guide you and provide you with industry knowledge and expertise.

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Trend Spotting

Trend spotting tools allow your team to identify deep trends in your customer or industry arena, brainstorm new ideas for your business and incite informed strategic business development plans. Discover new tools and sources of inspiration, and how to use those insights to generate new business ideas, or challenge existing products and ideas internally.

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