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CEOs & Board Members


Competia Executive Education better prepares board members with an in-depth, targeted understanding of their strategic, competitive and risk environments. Training with Competia is highly interactive and inserts itself within your existing board schedule. It is led by Estelle Métayer, an experienced board member who understands the specific context board members are dealing with.

Training sessions can be run in-house (if you prefer to have your entire board trained together, and need to discuss confidential information and real case studies), or in a public session which will allow individual board members to learn from peers. At this point, the only module specifically designed for board members and offered in a public session by Competia is our training on Strategic Blindspots.

Every board training program is customized to you. Here are some of the topics that have been covered with our clients over the past 18 months:

Strategic blindspots: When strategic decisions are largely driven by anecdotes, executive intuition, past experiences, companies run the risk of making decisions based on biased information and wrongly rejecting potential growth avenues and hence limiting entrepreneurial opportunities. The objective of this training session is: to introduce board members to the tools and methodologies to identify and prevent strategic blindspots, and unlock future opportunities for growth; to discuss cussing how the board adjusts its processes to scan for blindspots and develop an independent intelligence process; to explore various models in which boards engage in strategy, from supervision to co-creation or support, and how this differs based on the situation the company is in and the state of its industry/environment.

Social Media Oversight: Social media are at the core of business disruptions affecting most industries, yet few Boards have yet added this discussion to their agenda. We discuss social media disclosure oversight, managing reputation risks, dissecting digital activities of activist stakeholders, social media whistleblowing and responding to social media crises.

Preparing the road to new technologies: Understanding how new technologies will shape value creation opportunities; Knowing how to assess the role the board should play and where the discussion takes place; The role of the board in developing a digital transformation roadmap

Essentials of large IT projects risk oversight: Understanding the role of the board in overseeing large capex investment in IT projects; Understanding key decision points and questions that needs to be asked; Identifying red flags early; Knowing when to bring in external expertise to support the board in its role

Cybersecurity 2021: what’s on the board agenda: demystifying the sources, nature, and extent of both insider and outsider cyber risks likely to be faced in 2021, and particularly post-covid, identifying the steps to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively oversee cyber-resilience in your organization, including “crown jewels” assessment, cybersecurity audits, monitoring and testing, structuring the board’s oversight processes and committees, dashboards and reporting requirements, understanding what will be on the agenda in 2021

Here is some of the feedback we receive:

“Today’s session was invaluable in many ways. This is such a complex area that is constantly evolving and moves faster than most (or any) of us can truly comprehend. It is terrifying, frustrating and intriguing. Estelle’s expertise and insights were indeed humbling, but critically important for our development.”

“Absolutely superb leading edge stuff which we will all use.” – Ian, entrepreneur and board member in Ireland

“Great session with solid mix of drawing from the group and providing cases and personal experience”

“Estelle was a brilliant instructor. She conveyed very relevant material in an engaging and interesting way – bringing home the importance of social media,the risks that Boards need to be aware of and pragmatic tools to assist boards and organisations. She was also very warm and engaging and had a wonderful presentation style.”

“WOW! Excellent speaker and extremely knowledgeable – great delivery.”

“Absolutely fantastic.”