Public speaking that’s more than just talk.

CEOs & Board Members


Invite Estelle Metayer/Competia as a guest speaker at your conferences, strategic retreats, and association events.  The topics she presents are an eye-opening experience. With many participants contacting their teams during her talk to urge them to try the tools she is presenting! Here are a few popular speeches:

How Intelligent is Your Company?

Implement or Turn-Around Strategic Plans & Competitive Intelligence Process 

In this practical presentation, Estelle clearly explains what Competitive Intelligence really is: supporting crucial decisions with facts – not anecdotes, avoiding surprises, anticipating your competitors’ future moves and challenging common wisdom. The following aspects will be discussed, demonstrated and debated:

  • What is Competitive Intelligence?
  • The importance of linking information research to strategic decisions
  • A lively demonstration of tools used by Competitive Intelligence professionals
  • Examples to anticipate competitors’ product launches
  • Real time search of profiles/networks, and private company information from the Invisible Web.
  • Thought-provoking methods to tackle trend analysis
  • A challenging discussion about ethics
  • Avoiding strategic blind spots

 This presentation routinely sparks immediate action on Competitive Intelligence processes internally – with some participants actually leaving the room during the session to call their teams to begin implementing the tools demonstrated.

Avoiding Competitive Blind Spots

Have you been surprised by events in your industry, especially in the last few years? This presentation gives directors the tools and methodology to better guide CEOs and avoid competitive blind spots. Including:

  • How intelligent is your company?
  • When Competitive Intelligence tools affect strategic decisions
  • Failing to see change: management blind spots
  • Capturing weak signals: the art of trend analysis
  • Why good executives make bad decisions, and how to motivate change

 Participants should walk out with a methodology to probe strategic intelligence processes at risk, develop a framework to acquire – and get the management team to acquire critical information and avoid major blind spots during decision making.