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CEOs & Board of Directors


As industries become increasingly complex, and as companies are overwelmed by information – very little time is spent on deriving insights from all the data which is available. When strategic decisions are driven by anecdotes, executive intuition, past experiences, companies run the risk of making decisions based on biased information. As a CEO/President, or a board member, you can be held responsible when executives have undereastimated a strategic risk, or where they are failing to see a strategic opportunity. Competia has developed a systematic approach to look a to a company’s strategy and lead a discussion around potential “blindspots” – untapped opportunities, or overlooked risks.

“My best work is done when an organization needs to drastically change its strategic course. Whether it is to generate the sense of urgency needed for change within the organization, or to accompany you in your strategic discussions once this need has been established, my role is to provide the impetus, the tools and the facilitation to kick-off the process.”  – Estelle, Competia

Whether to generate the sense of urgency for change within the organization, or to guide strategic discussions, Competia’s role is to provide the impetus, support and tools to kick-off the process. Here is how Estelle can help:

Strategy Retreat Facilitation

As CEO or an executive, it is difficult to manage a strategic retreat and be an active participant. Let Competia facilitate your strategic retreat: identify pertinent strategic issues, prepare the agenda and the tools required and work with your team to set-up, customize and assist your event.

Here are some examples of the work Competia has done:

  • Ran strategic retreat to discuss drastic change of positioning of organization, from mainstream venture capitalist to boutique investor
    (Venture capital firm)
  • Ran two two-day strategic retreats to review strategic plan and competitive strategy for the organization
    (Insurance Company)
  • Ran diagnostic of strategic issues by interviewing independently key executives and managers then designed a three-day retreat to identify business development opportunities. Subsequently wrote the business plan to be presented to the board of directors.
    (Sporting Goods Manufacturer)

Inciting Growth

When you need to aggressively grow in new arenas, Competia can help identify and prioritize new markets or geographies, develop sharper business models, make use of untapped trends and question the definition of your industry.

Here are some examples of the work Competia has done:

  • Over the course of six months, facilitated each month a half-day strategic discussion with all key managers to investigate areas of growth, question current core capabilities, and identify leverage to enter new business arenas
    (Engineering Firm)
  • Used scenario planning involving 50+ executives to identify company’s possible vision for the next 50 years. The scenarios were presented to the board of directors by the country subsidiary with the intent to rolling out the process worldwide as a best practice.
    (Pharmaceutical company)
  • Developed a strategic planning process to define the government’s future healthcare strategy
    (Government of Canada)

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Setting up a Competitive/Strategic Intelligence Process

Strategic Intelligence is a coordinated activity of research, analysis and distribution of information necessary to make strategic decisions.

When strategic plans are driven by anecdotes, executive intuition, and past experiences, companies run the risk of making decisions based on biased information. There is a structured process available to guide management and provide the tools needed to make sound strategic decisions. For small and mid-sized organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies, the board can play a leading role in driving this process. On occasions, Estelle has even helped the board build its own unbiased, alternative sources of intelligence to provide better governance.

Here are some examples of the work Competia has done:

  • In a SME, defined with the team, a structured approached to gather and use strategic information to growth company revenues threefold
    (Household appliances manufacturer)
  • Worked with vice-president, strategic planning, to set-up a business intelligence process, motivate and connect  a community of 30+ competitive intelligence analysts, as well as facilitate key strategic analysis
    (Insurance company)

Challenging Status Quo- Blindspots Analysis

 A part of an area that cannot be directly observed under existing circumstances. 2) An area where radio reception is weak or nonexistent. 3) A subject about which one is markedly ignorant or prejudiced.

Competia has developed a systematic approach to examine your company’s strategy and lead discussion around potential “blindspots” – untapped opportunities and overlooked risks. Estelle has have researched why good executives make bad decisions – the biases that develop when analyzing data, and how to prevent that risk.

“Not sure if directors have as much a hands-on role in setting new direction/innovative thinking but definably can influence and encourage me to challenge the status quo.”

Here are some examples of the work Competia has done:

  • Invited by the company executive team, addressed the board of directors to suggest new approaches to the industry and processes to be implemented internally.

Trend Spotting

Trend spotting tools allow your team to identify deep trends as well as emerging weak signals in your customer or industry arena, brainstorm new ideas for your business and incite informed strategic business development plans.

Here are some examples of the work Competia has done:

  • Using the “staircase to growth”, brainstormed new business development ideas through multiple workshops including line employees, and external stakeholders.
  • On behalf of CEO, summarizing key trends for the industry and implication for the organization to be presented to board of directors. Syndicated results to members of the board.
    (Broadcasting industry)