Analyze. Synthesize. Present.

Researchers and Analysts


“I’ve watched you work. Over 50% of your time is spent researching – mostly on the Web. Yet, my experience shows few analysts and researchers have been formerly trained in the field of research, and many lack the key analytical techniques necessary to synthesize the information – and  effectively “package”  findings into world- class end products.” – Estelle, Competia

Let Estelle from Compatia teach you the tools and techniques to maximize efficiency when searching, and show you how to add value to the information you are gathering and processing.

You will get the best training of your career. If you are willing to learn, the skills you’ll acquire will strengthen your role in the organization, as well as your job prospects. Competia courses are practical – and very interactive. You’ll be able to network in our public sessions with peers, and get undivided attention to your own issues and questions. Competia will also continue supporting you after the courses should new questions arise.

“I attended your 2-day training on Competitive Intelligence which was one of the best sessions I attended related to research.”- Dubravka, Government of Alberta, Canada

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