Sharpen your Competitive Intelligence.

Researchers and Analysts


Setting-up a Competitive Intelligence Function

This is it! You’ve just been given the responsibility to set-up a competitive intelligence function in your organization. You are confident that there is enough literature out there to guide you in your first steps, but soon realize that there’s TOO MUCH … where do you begin? You will most likely be operating as a “Unit of One” – the team is you, at least until you’ve proven that there is value in increasing the budget. Estelle is very familiar with the challenges faced by analysts and researchers in small organizations and has been very creative at resolving them!

There is a structured process available to kick-start the initiative and she can guide you it: helping you set-up the competitive intelligence function in your organization and coaching you every step of the way through the implementation.

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Trend Spotting

Trend spotting tools allow your team to identify deep trends in your customer or industry arena, brainstorm new business ideas and incite informed strategic business development plans. Let Estelle show you the tools and sources of inspiration, and teach you how to use those insights to generate new business ideas, or challenge existing products and ideas internally.

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