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Who is the most influential corporate governance tweeter in 2013 ?


For the third year, this article summarizes the results of the ranking of the most influential experts on Twitter debating corporate governance issues and trends. There are quite a few new faces this year in the TOP 25, an illustration of the dynamism of this community.


The methodology

My list of the corporate governance experts on Twitter keeps growing  ( see here). This year, I have added to that list a number of internal auditing experts as the supervisory role of boards is strenghtening, especially in the United States. As last year, some CSR experts have been included in the list: I have included them when they are specifically addressing issues of corporate governance and CSR as is the case with Fabian Pattberg ( @fabianpattberg ). Finally, since diversity dominated many of the discussions this year, you will find a few diversity experts who have been quite influential in shaping the debate about quotas for instance.

I have included this year again both Peerindex and Klout rankings to score those experts. In my mind, both tools are useful, even if often incomplete. I have however decided to use Peerindex as the primary basis for the ranking: I still find this tool a better judge of real influence and less prone to manipulation. I have finally added in the last column the Klout to score each of these tweeters if you are interested - you'll see, like last year, there are few inconsistencies. You can access the full list of 400+ experts and their ranking on Peerindex here ( and you can in the meanwhile send a note to Azeem at Peerindex to keep the lists running by clicking on his profile on Twitter @azeem ).

I believe influence is very much a personal factor, and not an institutional one. I therefore only have kept in the ranking Twitter accounts representing an individual. When the Twitter accounts belong to an institution,they have been included when I can pinpoint the individual behind the tweets - and when that expert gets involved personally ( one completely non scientific measure been that they would answer my requests for clarification...).

This is why you will find in this ranking the excellent @rockcenter4corpgov but not Harvard's Law School Corp Gov program ( @harvardcorpgov ), CCI Compliance ( @cci_compliance ) which would have ranked 72, SEC Law ( @seclaw ) which would have ranked 72 or @calpers from the California Public Employees Retirement System who would have ranked #9 . The  @nacd account for the North American Association for Corporate Directors is making its appearance also in the person of Henry Stoebel @henrystoever

I finally excluded those who cover a much larger range of issues than just corporate governance ( less than 5% of tweets devoted to corporate governance): for instance Nouriel Roubini ( @nouriel ) who would have ranked 84 in Peerindex. Their influence gets clouded by their public work and comments. 


So who are the most influential corporate governance tweeters ?

Here are the TOP five influencers on this topic according to Klout:

#1: Lucy Marcus ( @lucymarcus ) comes in first position - based in the United Kingdom, she is a keen governance commentator ( and a journalist with  Reuters) and academic. Her influence is partly due to the fact she is covering some larger topic on global governance and politics .

#2: Estelle Metayer (My account @competia ) - thank you for the great discussions this year

#3: Kimberly Kerr ( @sitatthetable ): based in Canada, Kimberly is a champion of the issue of diversity in the boardroom.

#4: Fabian Pattberg ( @fabianpattberg ): based in Germany, Fabian blogs about topics of sustainability, often linking it to the role of boards. He is often an observer of practices in corporate America.

#5: Michelle Gutman ( @stanfordcorpgov ): Michelle, the associate director of Research Programs at the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford is on top of the research done in the world of corporate governance.


Congratulations are in order...


Here are a sample of their last tweets about Corporate Governance as I am writing this short article:

Lucy Marcus:

Accounting scandal deepens at Spanish fishing firm Pescanova @Reuters #corpgov #spain


Reading: via @togovern: Insert a "sunset clause" in the charter of all new committees, teams, and projects  #CorpGov

Sit at the Table:

MT @CareerTransit: How to Chair a Board effectively - Oxford 16 April...  #BoardofDirectors #corpgov

Fabian Pattberg:

"Companies: what is your unique contribution to a sustainable future?"

Stanford Gov:

David F. Larcker and Brian Tayan examine the debate over whether to combine or separate the chairman and CEO roles.



An overview of the corporate governance community on Twitter

I analyzed the profile of those who are using the #corpgov hashtag on Twitter, signalling their topic. Here are some findings from  from the last month. You will notice in the "most mentioned Users" column a number of institutions sur as @theBoard_co or @directorship as well as the other hastags which will help you find the relevant discussions in the left column: #CEO #boardroom #csr.


I also find interesting the analysis fromTwittermap, which outlines where those using the hastag #corpgov are coming from.


Activity in Twitter takes off on other platforms too

When Flipboard launched its new version allowing for individuals to create their own magazines, it provided a beautiful outlet for the best corporate governance related tweeps. I have created the ezine "In the Boardroom". I am happy to see it has now been featured in Flipboard's list of the top 6 recommanded magazines to read in business, providing a great visibility for those experts from our community - and highlighting how central the corporate governance discussion is becoming.


The top 25 tweeters on Corporate Governance


This list is by no means exhaustive, so if I have forgotten you , or anyone you would recommand, feel free to add their name and content in the comments below. Please also note that the ranking and number of followers varies from day to day, so numbers and klout score might be slightly different if you check I have done my homework...


Person behind the tweets                                
Twitter Handle                                 

Peerindex score              
Klout score             
Number of followers              
1 Lucy Marcus @lucymarcus 78 78 16,541
2 Estelle Métayer @competia 75 68 8,786
3 Kimberly Kerr @sitatthetable 71 59 8,638
4 Fabian Pattberg @fabianpattberg 69 59 9,266
5 Michelle Gutman @stanfordcorpgov 69 54 3,389
6 Leon Kaye @leonkaye 69 63 4,531
7 Francine McKenna @retheauditors 68 55 11,274
8 Adam Quinton @adamquinton 66 63 1,247
9 Frank Aquila @faquila 66 53 3,293
10 Fay Feeney @fayfeeney 65 62 6,314
11 Alice Korngold @alicekorngold 65 61 4,505
12 Debra Beck @npmaven 65 55 3,566
13 Jayne Juvan @jaynejuvan 64 62 2,177
14 Scott Mitchell @mitchell360 64 54 4,050
15 Norman Marks @normanmarks 63 60 3,031
16 Mark Silver @marksilver 63 48 3,591
17 Celesa Horvath @celesahorvath 63 53 2,885
18 Jim Brashear @jfbrashear 63 52 1,127
19 Douglas Y. Park @dougypark 63 58 2,075
20 Oscar Jofre @oscarjofre 62 53 3,396
21 Rob Berick
@robberick 62 52 1,299
22 Sheila Ronning @ronningsheila   61 45 1,224
23 Kelly Hoey @jkhoey   61 60 3,991
24 Pauline d'Amboise @pdamboise   61 46 912
25 Richard Leblanc @drrleblanc   60 51 1,414

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  • Posted by James McRitchie said:

    21/11/2013 10:56am (6 years ago) Congratulations. Great list of tweeters. I follow most and will closely look at those I don't. I can't imagine where they find the time for all that online time. How do some of them get anything else done?

  • Posted by hekio said:

    19/09/2013 3:39am (7 years ago) this is a great article thank you

  • Posted by ToGovern said:

    18/08/2013 4:14am (7 years ago) Such a thriving and growing community. Keep up the hard work, we thoroughly appreciate it!

    Our curated magazine of favourite articles & features, can now be read online in a browser or in the FlipBoard app here:

  • Posted by Tommaso Arenare said:

    23/04/2013 3:21am (7 years ago) via twitter:
    Well-done both of you! MT “@Competia: @lucymarcus #1 : Who is the most influential #corpgov tweeter in 2013 ?"”

  • Posted by Jennifer Sertl said:

    23/04/2013 3:20am (7 years ago) via Twitter:
    Treasure trove of corporate governance conduits & champions… via @Competia #CSR #sustainability

  • Posted by Francois Philippe Champagne said:

    23/04/2013 3:19am (7 years ago) via Twitter: Corporate governance, the glue between investors & corporations: “@Competia: Most influential #corpgov tweeter…" #ceo

  • Posted by Lucy Marcus said:

    23/04/2013 3:19am (7 years ago) via Twitter: @Competia thing that strikes me most is how international the list is - that is extraordinarily important aspect. #corpgov

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