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Top Bookmarks to Research Companies and Industries


It never fails: at the end of each course or presentation I give, participants ask me what are MY sources of information to keep up to date with the latest sources of information and the tools. I have summarized those sources in this simple file you can download and use at will. I will update this file every couple of months, so make sure you come back to get the latest version - or sign in to automatically get an update.

The tools and sources of information are categorized based on what you need to research: competitors or companies, people profiles, financial information, trends, etc. Rather than trying to list all the sources available, I have tried to provide you with the top 3 or 4 tools in each category.

How to use this file?

Here are a few options:

  • Drag the file to your desktop, and use it as the entry page when you have to research on the Web.
  • Add this page as a default page in your browser (select option / use current page as default)
  • Import the links into your own bookmarks (but then, you will loose the categories)

As you know, sources on the Internet change often - so by any means, let me know if I need to add anything to the list - or if links are broken. I cannot promise that all suggestions will make it to the list, but I can guarantee I'll consider them all. In fact, just by filling in a comment, you will ensure your suggested link will appear on this site.

Finally, you might want to check "Links I Like" bookmarks and recent posts on Twitter - I regularly add tools of interest!


Download Competia Bookmarks now.


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  • Posted by JAck said:

    16/01/2012 6:05am (8 years ago) I agree those companies should compare more industries . I agree with the first commenter that there are a lot of useful content on the internet .

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