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Top 6 applications on your ipad for Competitive Intelligence


I have now been playing for a few months with my ipad, and have been researching to answer the following question: "Does this new tool offer new opportunities for Competitive Intelligence and Strategy professionals?". Although this is just the beginning - I expect many new applications to come in as more users adopt the ipad- here is my best-of list of applications that I am now regularly using when scanning news, facilitating strategic discussions, and trying to simplify my life altogether.

Keynote: replace PowerPoint

Those who already have are using an Apple computer know the iworks software suite well. Apple has now launched it for the ipad. You can now install for instance " Keynote" on your ipad - and it will replace PowerPoint. A good way to design presentations on the go.The tool takes advantage of the iPad's multitouch functions - an easy way to arrange pictures, text. Pages can be reordered by tapping and dragging your finger.

Image source: Mcworld


A note: the iworks suite includes also Numbers (spreadsheets), and Pages (word processing).

Keynote is here

Mightymeeting: share presentations

I use Mightymeetings when I need to share a PowerPoint (or Acrobat, or Word) document with someone - but do not expect t have to modify it. I use it while sitting in a room with my cients, or I can also invite them to join me online and access the presentation I am showing. I have used in the past - and am still using in some instance - Webex or Dimdim, but I find that on the ipad, Mightymeeting is by far the easiest to use.

Look here at this video / tutorial, which explains how you can also use Mightymeeting to project a PowerPoint presentation from your ipad into a projector.

Mightymeeting is here

SimplemindX: use when brain-storming

A neat little application to help capture the ideas flowing during a brain storming exercise.

Image source: labs.justsearching.co.uk

SimplemindX is here

Paperdesk: take notes

Paperdesk has now replaced for me all my paper notepads. I take my notes directly on the ipad, either by use the keyboard, or witha stylettus. I find the tool a lot more convenient than using my computer: in a conference for example, the ipad fires up more rapidly, my notes are confidential (they sit on my knies instead of having your screen visible by others), and the fact the keyboard is illuminated allows me to take note in the dark, for example when a presenter is on stage.



Paperdesk is here

Newsrack : keep track of the latest posts in scientific blogs (and many others...)

I have tested many applications, trying to find the one I would use the most to screen the vast amount of information published by blogs everyday. Newsrack fits the bill for me. I can select from a directory of popular blogs, or enter the RSS feed for a particular blog I want to follow. Here is for example a list of the ones I read everyday from the directory:

  • Phil McKinney on ingenuity : great posts on issues of innovation, management and leadership
  • Innoblog: also on innovation
  • Innovation Weblog: innovation again
  • elearnspace: new technologies, tools and resources to learn - and become a better trainer
  • Scientific American: latest scientific news
  • Visual Business Intelligence : mostly covering tools that deal with how to analyze data


Newsrack allows to share useful  content very easily -either by email, or via a social network. Finally, I like the fact I can load the blogs when in the office, and then read them remotely.

Newsrack is here

CarIndex: Obtain information of a car owner by entering their car licence plate

Last but not least, this application symbolizes for me the dangers of allowing complete access to information. I installed CarIndex last week for Switzerland, where I live, and was amazed to see that one can enter any car plaque number, and obtain the full name and address of the owner of the car. A serious breach of privacy, in my mind... Imagine if you would use this application to investigate the list of employees working at a competitor's office...

Image source: benm.at

Carindex is here

And you ? what tools are you using for Competitive Intelligence on your ipad ?

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  • Posted by Simon Johnson said:

    11/04/2013 11:52pm (7 years ago) Try IPNeighborhood.com - you can look up domain name owners, trade mark holders and identify web sites operated to your competitors.

  • Posted by Peter Toi said:

    22/09/2010 5:07pm (10 years ago) Wow - I had no idea about CarIndex. It's frightening to know that the public can do a reverse lookup on license plates in Switzerland!

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