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Top 6 applications on your ipad for Competitive Intelligence

Posted by Estelle Metayer on 22 June 2010 | 2 Comments

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I have now been playing for a few months with my ipad, and have been researching to answer the following question: "Does this new tool offer new opportunities for Competitive Intelligence and Strategy professionals?". Although this is just the beginning - I expect many new applications to come in as more users adopt the ipad- here is my best-of list of applications that I am now regularly using when scanning news, facilitating strategic discussions, and trying to simplify my life altogether.

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The Future of Search

Posted by Estelle Metayer on 26 April 2010 | 0 Comments

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I am fascinated by this presentation by Gary Flake from Microsoft about Pivot at a recent TED conference. I have showed it and discussed it with all participants to the "Internet as a Tool for Competitive Intleligence" course with great interest.

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