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The Executive Education Playlist

Posted by Estelle Metayer on 24 May 2011 | 2 Comments

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As digital convergence, peer to peer, and global word of mouth is shaking industry from media to telecommunications or even banking, there is little evidence that Executive Management Education is evolving at the same rate. There seems to be a the discontinuity between trends going on in adjacent industries, and the way executive education is taught. As curiosity built, I had numerous discussions with renowned universities and business schools about the future of executive education, in particular around management education. Have those organizations integrated into their strategic thinking the recent developments in technology and society? Are they (we) willing to question why the majority of executive training hours still happen in a classroom? Who are likely to be the new players in this field?

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Management at its Best: Learnings and Insights from Indian companies Best Practices

Posted by Estelle Metayer on 15 November 2010 | 0 Comments

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In the next few days, I will be fortunate to attend the World Economic Forum's Summit in India (see the Indian Economic Summit here ) . I will bring back to you some of the learnings and insights gained from interactions and discussions with Indian leaders and CEOs. You can also get timely updates from . You can also find a list of participants tweeting at the event here .

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