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The official (and unofficial) voices of Davos


The World Economic Forum Meeting 2001 in Davos will start on January 25th, and for the many who did not get an invitation, there is hope: the discussions, insights and questions will be available in many places, many platforms... Here is a short guide to be able to get the most from this unbelievable event (note: even if you ARE at Davos, this is also a good way to get the most of the experience and compare notes...)

This article will be updated as new sources of information pop up, so come back regularly for the updates...


Your first stop: get the World Economic Forum's official feeds

The WEF has always been a precursor in social media, and is offering multiple places where you can get the pulse of the event.

On Twitter, @wef and @davos are the official feeds from the social media staff at the Forum. Meet the minds behind the tweets: Matthias Luefkens, Adrian Monk , Samantha Tonkin, Nicole Tapscott and Anna Sims will keep you updated about key events, but also the beginning of the life streaming sessions. Some of those official voices also have a private twitter account so follow them there also: @amonk; @luefkens @wef_anna . Finally, the Forum also has a dedicated blog ( where.ou can read posts from selected participants.

The World Economic Forum aggregatea all media portals and partner blogs about the Annual Meeting on Netvibes, just Please send your blog details if you want to be included. On the Forum blog

On january 19th, ou will be able to find the official #WEF Twitter list .

Davos will not only host the corporate gurus and heads of state, it is also the forum for, among others, entrepreneurs, technology pioneers and social entrepreneurs. These groups also have dedicated feeds: @hildeschwab or @schwabfound for  the Schwab Foundation for social entrepreneurs, @tecpioneers for the Technology Pioneers, and @YGLvoices for the the Young Global Leaders, a fun and charismatic group of future world leaders identified by the WEF.

Davos is not just about CEOs: here are the five Global Change Makers of 2010, extraordinary young people who make a difference

Where else to go ? Interviews can be found on Youtube at the Forum's dedicated page, images can be found on the WEF's photostream on Flickr and documents and reportscan be loaded from Scribd .If you are using Flickr to share your photos you are invited to join the Davos Flickr group where we would like to share pictures taken by the participants.

All press conferences and key plenary sessions will be streamed ive on Livestream here.

Get behind the scene... WEF's  executives private Twitter accounts

Meet Robert Greenhill @robertgreenhill , the Managing Director and Chief Business Officer, Adrian Monck @amonck , Managing Director and Head of Media, Zahidi @zahidi Director, constituents,  Piers Cumberlege @pierscumberlege , Head of Partnerships, Alois Zwinggi, the WEF's Managing Director in Charge of Human resources @azwinggi and the newly appointed CTO Brian Behlendorf @brianbehlendorf, While those professionals write about davos, they also share their interests: Robert tweets about the place of Canada  in the world, Adrian covers journalism, Piers follows events in the world, Brian has a keen interest in technology as the founder of Apache and a member of the board of Mozilla...

For a full list of the WEF's staff on Twitter, please refer here for the list of staff Twitter accounts the organization is maintaining.


Follow the hastags

The easiest way on Twitter to follow the comments about the sessions is to follow the following hashtag on twitter: #WEF (click here for the lattest). You can also try #davos, or #YGL which tends to be uses quite a bit- interesting enough, they are quite complementary sdo I guess you'll have to follow them all...


Leverage the media covering the event

Most world media will dedicate part of their website to Davos. Here is a short list of the dedicated feeds, sites and tweeters (by no means exhaustive - if you wish to add others, just add them in the comments below...).

A better list of 150+ journalist who will cover Davos can also be found here



How they are covering the event






The Wall Street Journal
















  • CNBC Davos app on itunes. Note this is the first app for iphone and the ipad I have found for Davos yet (apart from the official one) !

Times of India

Financial Times

















  • Official twitter for "The Pulse here


Discover the "unofficial" voices

As the event approaches, many unofficial "Davos Tweeters" are appearing. I find @WEFdavos , @davospulse and @davos_2011 to cover the events well. Davosfringe covers the unofficial event in Davos.

Food for thought: Brunch on Sunday morning in Davos- time for participants to reflect


Don't forget to follow the individual participants!

I like to follow a few participants as they report on their experience at Davos. Who knows, you could maybe catch a glimpse of Evan Williams notebook, and guess what Twitter would come up with next ...

Evan Williams taking notes at the World Economic Forum Meeting in 2010

 Here is my pick:

  • Companies:WIPRO has dedicated a whole section on its corporate website to Davos: click here
  • Authors: Paulo Coehlo,  @paulocoehlo, Don Tapscott, author of Macrowikinomics  @dtapscott
  • CEOs who tweet: check Jim Quigley CEO of Deloitte@deloitteceo , Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL tech @vineetnayar, Anand Mahindra , Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of of Mahindra & Mahindra @anandmahindra. There are of course multiple account for the star CEOs who come to Davos ( Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates etc... ) but I do not find that they tweet themselves, so are a lot less interesting to follow...

I am keeping a list of all the participants I have made their presence known publicly here (this list includes participants and also those who report on Davos).

Download the apps for your smart phone

Although they are very few of them yet, the following apps can help you follow what is going on:

  • World Economic Forum's official fan app for the iphone and ipad here
  • World Economic Forum's official participants' app for the iphone and ipad here
  • Davos/Klosters guide: Need to feel like you are in Davos ? This iphone app will provide you with the maps and guide to restaurants ...
  • CNBC Davos Pulse app here

Check in

Foursquare: the Congress Centre and the key hotels have been added to foursquare here  to allow participants to check-in on this geo-location social network. To check in simply scan the QR code below. 

Facebook: Live interviews with selected participants that will be streamed on the Forum's Facebook page. Through facebook, the organization will tap into the collective wisdom of the online population through the use of "pulses", quick polls on Facebook. The pulses allow us to capture the opinion of several thousand Facebook users in a matter of minutes.

When participants are on facebook, they can check-in at the Congress Centre on Facebook Places or by using the QR code below.




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