Sharpen your competitive edge.


The knowledge to act -  not react

As industries become increasingly complex and companies are overwelmed by information – very little time is spent analyzing the data that has been gathered, and deriving the insight needed. When strategic decisions are driven by anecdotes, executive intuition and past experience, companies run the risk of making decisions based on biased information.

Competia can help through training or facilitation in the following:


Strategy Retreat Facilitation

As CEO or an executive, it is difficult to manage a strategic retreat and be an active participant. Estelle's role is to facilitate your strategic retreat: identify pertinent strategic issues, prepare the agenda and the tools required and work with your team to set-up, customize and assist your event.

Inciting Growth

When you need to aggressively grow in new arenas, Estelle can help identify and prioritize new markets or geographies, develop sharper business models, make use of untapped trends and question the definition of your industry.


Setting-up a Competitive/Strategic Intelligence Apparatus

Strategic Intelligence is a coordinated activity of research, analysis and distribution of information necessary to make strategic decisions.

When strategic plans are driven by anecdotes, executive intuition and past experience, companies run the risk of making decisions based on biased information. There is a structured process available to guide management and provide the tools needed to make sound strategic decisions. For small and mid-sized organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies, the board can play a leading role in driving this process. On occasion, Estelle has even helped the board build its own unbiased, alternative sources of intelligence to provide better governance.


Challenging Status Quo- Blindspots Analysis


  1. "A part of an area that cannot be directly observed under existing circumstances.
  2. An area where radio reception is weak or nonexistent. 3)A subject about which one is markedly ignorant or prejudiced:"*


As industries become increasingly complex, it is more difficult than ever to govern companies.  As an executive or a board member, you are often responsible for identifying where the company might have undereastimated a strategic risk, or where you are failing to see a strategic opportunity.

Competia has developed a systematic approach to enable management teams to examine your company's strategy and lead discussions around potential "blindspots" - untapped opportunities and overlooked risks. In particular, "Strategic Blindspots Index"© is a systematic method to assess the risk of a strategic blindspot developing, and a way to compare a company's risk profile with industry peers.


Trend Spotting

Trend spotting tools allow your team to identify deep trends in your customer or industry arena, brainstorm new business ideas and incite informed strategic business development plans.