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Advanced Analysis Techniques in Strategy

October 28-29, 2020
Montreal, Canada

This two-day course includes the following analysis techniques: evaluation and estimation of the market size, industry dynamics and future profitability patterns, growth path analysis, financial reports analysis, detailed psychological profiling of a competitor's management team, scenario planning and trends analysis, new business model generation, blue ocean analysis, and blindspots analysis.

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Competia Executive Education better prepares executives, managers and analysts with an in-depth, targeted understanding of their strategic and competitive environment.

Rather than theoretical in nature, training with Competia is highly interactive: utilizing role playing, games, case studies, videos, and hands-on workshops that make learning last. Training sessions can be run in-house (if you want your entire team to be trained together, and need to discuss confidential information and real case studies), or in a public session which will allow your analysts, managers and executives to learn from peers.

 Over 50% of Competia course participants sign up because of a referral from a colleague - word of mouth that speaks for itself.

"I gained tremendous value from it - which has been unmatched!"  - Beth, U.S. defence company