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Davos 2013: how to follow the World Economic Forum annual meeting on social media


Author's Edit - January 9, 2014: Updated article to remove dead links and resources that are no longer available.

It is that time of the year again, and over 2000 executives, heads of state, NGOs, thought-leaders, social entrepreneurs and technology pioneers are getting ready to meet in Davos. If you are not one of the happy few- or have not married one!- you can still follow the event from the comfort of your home or office. I thought I’d put together a guide for you – which I will update regularly as more information is released.

Here are some of the tools and sources of information I suggest:



During the Annual Meeting all official plenary sessions are available on webcast here .

No official account on Soundcloud to find the podcasts, but try your luck by searching directly on the site ( like this)



Last year, pictures from participants taken with their mobiles phones could  be viewed here on Sharypic, let’s hope this will be available this year again. If not, you can always check the official account of the Forum on Flickr ( here). A selection of the best pictures taken at the Annual Meeting will be made available free of charge under the creative commons licence. I will load pictures on Competia's photostream here. Photos from the Annual Meeting are also available from the official photographers, Swiss-Image.

Videos are either available on the Forum's website or Youtube ( here ) .

This year, there will be an additional two livestream channels featuring unique content from Davos. Feel free to embed any of the livestream video feeds using these instructions. ( source: the World Economic Forum)



You can follow discussions from attendees on most social media platforms:

Twitter: Lots is going on Twitter during Davos. The Forum has created two Twitter lists for the participants who tweet ( about 30% of attendees have a twitter account): access those lists here and here. In addition this year, it has listed the companies and organisations attending the event. There is also a special media list with the accounts of the key journalists present. You can follow the The World Economic Forum on Twitter @Davos as well as the live tweet account @WEF where key quotes get tweeted from official plenary sessions. Your magic word on twitter is #WEF , the hashtag used by all participants at the event. Occasionally, they will use #davos too. I will follow and share what strikes my interest on Competia's twitter account too.

The best tweets, pictures and videos from the Annual Meeting will be collated on  Storify . Make sure you follow also the communities: @GlobalShapers, @TechPioneers, @SchwabFound and @YGLVoices.

Facebook is always very busy. You can either geeting the official feed from the WEF's page ( here)  or join a discussion group ( currently over 3,800 members) here

Google+: The World Economic Forum has quite an active Google+ feed. It also has recently launched a Google+ community, but  with 52 members as I write, there might not be much happening.

Friendfeed: Frankly, this is not the best place to follow discussions, Twitter is a lot more vibrant. But in case this is your space, look here.

In China, follow in Chinese the discussions on Youku and Sina Weibo



I will summarize my pick of the best tweets of Davos on Storify here . You can also embed the Forum’s curated Twitter Wall featuring the best tweets ( or take the RSS feed.

I like the featured bloggers in Netvibes, a nice way to follow the most prominent bloggers and their point of view.

Reports by the World Economic Forum are available for downloads ( #pdftribute !) in Scribd here. The organization offers also a dashboard, with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter on one page, which I find handy: click here

Finally, major media have created specific pages to address the news stemming from Davos: click here for  Reuters, CNN, The Guardian  's 'Davos spaces". KPMG has created The World Economic Forum Live which launched on Monday, January 21st with live infographics and key discussions from the delegates.


As for the past years, you can ask your question on the Forum’s blog. Right now, you can ask a question to Russia's top political leaders here.

Participants should download the official app. Fans also can follow the program using their own app here.


Did I miss anything ? Are you blogging about the event ? use the comments to add and refine this short article.

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  • Posted by Studybenefits said:

    29/05/2013 6:21am (7 years ago) Thank you for providing all the resources in one place, even from Switzerland it's quite difficult to follow everything or get anywhere close to the event.

  • Posted by Mike Hanley said:

    14/01/2013 11:25pm (7 years ago) Hi Estelle
    Thanks for this wrap up. We're waiting for the official Annual Meeting launch on Wednesday January 16th for a couple of things: we'll publish the Twitter list of some 1,100 participants and 200 companies who tweet from the meeting, and we're relaunching the website with full webcast coverage over four channels. All fully public sessions will be available on the website live and in archive, including everything from the Congress Hall - all the big panels and speeches from heads of state and governments - all the sessions form the big broadcasters, and all the small and intimate sessions from the Studio Room, with amazing world class talent. All these will also be streamed live to youtube at We're also livetweeting all the sessions to @wef and highlilghts to @davos, we'll be running a number of Google hangouts from the new "Forum Live" area which will go out live both on our webcast channels and through Google Plus. Since all available sessions are being webcast and archived, we're not doing any audio podcasts this year. Photos will be available on flickr, we'll be storfying the meeting on our Facebook page, and updating Facebook regularly... Any other questions about how to follow please let me know, otherwise we'll be publishing our How to Follow with more detail tomorrow.
    Mike Hanley
    Editorial Director
    World Economic Forum

  • Posted by Khessert said:

    14/01/2013 5:40pm (7 years ago) Global Shaper Meghann Gunderman @tfftafrica blogs her way to Davos
    Speaks on panel :ensuring the Milennial Voice is heard by today's leaders

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