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Principal, founder Competia

Estelle Metayer

Estelle works best when companies need to drastically change the way they do business and grow aggressively

Estelle Métayer brings vast experience and fresh perspective to the ever-changing world of Competitive and Strategic Intelligence. A noted expert, her intuitive, precise research provides managers, CEOs, and board members with the right tools to effectively build and hone their competitive intelligence and strategic planning - to avoid blind spots, capitalize on strengths and excel.

Estelle works best when companies need to drastically change the way they do business and grow aggressively. Spotter of current trends, she is a popular speaker at international conferences and facilitates strategic workshops around the world. As adjunct professor at McGill University, she teaches with Henry Mintzberg the International and National Advanced Leadership Programs and the International Master for Health Leadership and successfully introduced Competitive Intelligence into the McGill-Rottman School of Business's certification program for Canadian board directors, and into the new HEC-McGill Executive MBA. She is also a guest lecturer at International Masters Program in Practicing Management led by Lancaster University, McGill, the IMB (India) and INSEAD.

Prior to selling the company in 2004, Estelle was President and founder of Competia, a leading training organization for executives and analysts in Strategic Intelligence. In 1998 Competia launched which became the world's largest community, portal and magazine for strategy professionals, with over 1 million hits each month.

A former consultant at McKinsey & Company, she gained first-hand practical experience while managing competitive intelligence, business development and strategic planning at CAE Inc. Her career began at ING Bank in the Netherlands and in Poland, studying the financial risks of expanding into emerging countries. Trained in the Netherlands, Estelle obtained her MBA and Drs. from the University of Nijenrode.

Estelle is the recipient of the Arista Sunlife Award for "Entrepreneur of the Year - 2000" and was a finalist in 2001 for the Award "Women of Merit" from the YWCA and sat on the board of the Grands Ballets Canadiens and of World Canada Youth. A lover of art, travel, world culture and experiencing life to its fullest, Estelle lives in Switzerland with her husband and two children and speaks French, English, German, Dutch, Italian and Arabic. She is also a painter, commercial pilot and flight instructor.


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